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Roped based internal halyard flagpole Economy halyard tapered flagpole Stainless steel cable External halyard

1-year manufacturer’s warranty

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With scaled down proportions, ESTATE external halyard flagpoles retain the graceful taper of the larger flagpoles.


Perfect for home, apartments, or small businesses, these flagpoles are manufactured to be affordable with providing the same high standards and with the same shaft material and processes as the larger Continental line.

Providing the traditional rope based halyard system for raising and lowering the flag, CONTINENTAL external halyard flagpoles have standard fittings including a spun aluminum ball, braided nylon halyard, and brass flag snaps.


CONTINENTAL flagpoles coming in a base diameter of 10" or 12" require a heavy duty truck assembly.

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Manufacturer’s Warranty

ESTATE - Economy External Halyard Tapered Flagpole

CONTINENTAL - External Halyard, Ground Set


INDEPENDENCE (Sovereignty Raised Door) - Stainless Steel Cable Based Internal Halyard System with Flush Fitting Cast Aluminum Reinforced Door Opening and Patented Swivel Winch Mounting System

SENTRY (Sentry II Flush Door) - Roped Based Internal Halyard Flagpoles with Revolving Truck Assembly.

US Flag

SENTRY rope based internal halyard flagpoles were developed and perfected by Concord Industries. Many of the features and designs of this model have become de facto standards in the industry. The rope based format is an excellent choice for flagpoles with heights of 40' or less where additional security is desired but at a lower price than the INDEPENDENCE or the SOVEREIGNTY.

INDEPENDENCE stainless steel cable based, internal halyard flagpoles provide the best solution to the problem of vandalism. A smooth, flush door configuration resulting from the thick, high strength aluminum casting welded into the precision cut door opening supplies the strength needed when a significant opening is made in a flagpole shaft. The heart of the INDEPENDENCE flagpole is the custom stainless steel gearless winch assembly, designed specifically for the flagpole industry and first introduced by Concord Industries.